Mango Pet African Grey Shampoo, 8 oz.

Product Description

Gentle African Grey Shampoo for Dusty Birds

African Grey Parrot Shampoo is specifically deisgned to manage sensitive African Grey skin, yet wash away dust and dander. African Grey parrots are exposed to a variety of unnatural substances every day from lipstick, smoke, cleaning solutions, bacteria, hand oils and lotions, and other contaminants. These substances stick to your parrots feathers and soak and irritate their sensitive skin.  If you have an over-preener or feather picker, clean feathers and skin is even ore important.

Mango Pet African Grey Shampoo gently cleans powder down feathers and skin while promoting normal, healthy preening and reducing feather dander. This blend is Mango Pet's most gentle formula. Click here for oil based birds such as Amazon Parrots and Macaws. Mango Parrot Shampoo is a mild, easy to rinse parrot shampoo that is pH balanced for for sensitive parrot skin. Plus, it smells good!

Using African Grey Shampoo

For daily dander control and skin soothing needs get Natra Pet Bird Bath. Bathe your bird once a month or less with gentle African Grey Shampoo to thoroughly clean feathers and nourish your parrots skin. 

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