Saf-T Shield Bird E-Collar

Product Description

Saf-T Shield Bird E-Collar | Bird Cone Collar


 The Saf-T Shield Bird E-Collar keeps your birds beak from its feathers or injuries. This bird collar features an adjustable snap closure.

The Saf-T Shield Bird E-collar is made from clear, lightweight clear plastic.  This tough bird e-collar is designed to protect the skin once it has been compromised (In other words, the bird has moved beyond feather picking and plucking and onto skin damage.) This particular bird e-collar is also an appropriate  solution if a bird has undergone surgery.

These bird collars treat the symptoms (the feather picking and mutilation) but do not eliminate the underlying cause(s) so we urge you to determine what may be contributing to self-mutilation and resolve those issues while keeping your bird safe with a bird collar.

Bird Cone Collar   Testimonials

After 7 yrs. of feather picking I put a bird cone collar around her to prevent feather picking. She's finally growing her tail feathers!!! So excited! 
EC, Dec. 2016

I ordered two, so I would have a backup. I was very disappointed that my vet didn't have any more in stock and also declined to order any more... Finding your site was a godsend, as I tried other soft collars that she was able to get underneath and repeatedly injured herself. These plastic collars are the only ones that keep her safe.                         KR, March 2017

  • Clear design allows bird to maintain full peripheral vision
  • Bird Cone Collar features padded neck area for a more comfortable fit.
  • Adjustable: Three "tight snap" fasteners provide for an adjustable & comfortable fit. 
  • Fitting: 
    • The outside diameter of the collar is identified by the last two numbers of the SKU (i.e. 404 has an outside diameter of 4" while 410 has an outside diameter of 10").  You can always trim the outside edges as needed.
    • Each most collars come in two neck sizes. XS is smaller than S

When should I use a Saf-T-Shield Bird E-collar?

  • When your bird needs to quickly stop the itch-bite-scratch-infection cycle with a rugged bird e-collar
  • When your bird is self-mutilating and chewing through feathers and into the skin
  • Use when catheters and other testing equipment must be attached to your bird bird
  • Post surgical care and fracture recovery. 

Alternative Bird Collars If this Collar Is Too Much

The Saf-T Shield Collar itself can be stressful to birds and should only be applied when it is necessary to manage self-mutilation and prevent skin tearing or infection, or as a last resort when all else fails.  If your bird is not engaging is skin mutilating behaviors, please consider a less harsh alternative such as our fleece bird collars. Parrots are emotionally sensitive pets and may develop psychological problems when a harsh, plastic bird collar is used. 

We recommend that you contact your Avian Veterinarian for a full examination to determine the potential cause of your bird's feather plucking behavior.

 PLEASE NOTE: We SUGGEST the following sizes, but please be aware that individual bird species may vary considerably in size and you will need to adjust accordingly. Please measure your parrot's neck for complete accuracy. Open packaging is NOT accepted for return.

Saf-T Shield Bird E-Collar Sizing


Shield Diameter: 4"

Neck Diameter: 0.5" - 0.6"

Neck Opening Circumference: 1.4"- 2"

  • Very small birds
  • Baby birds
  • Small Parakeets & Lovebirds

Shield Diameter: 6"

Neck Diameter: 0.6" - 0.9"

Neck Opening Circumference: 2.0" - 2.7"

  • Parakeet
  • Lovebird
  • Cockatiel

Shield Diameter: 6"

Neck Diameter: 1.0" 1.1"

Neck Opening Circumference: 2.7" - 3.5"

  • Large Cockatiels
  • Dusky Conure
  • Goffin Cockatoo
  • Small Conures

Shield Diameter: 8"

Neck Diameter: 1.0" - 1.1"

Neck Opening Circumference: 3.2 " - 3.5 "

  • Crested Cockatoo
  • African Grey Parrots
  • Medium Conures

Shield Diameter: 8"

Neck Diameter: 1.1" - 1.3"

Neck Opening Circumference: 3.5" - 4.0"

  • Yellow Headed Macaw
  • Medium to larger Conures
  • Small Amazons (Please Note: Amazons have a strong beak and may chew threw the lexan material quickly.)

Shield Diameter: 10"

Neck Diameter: 1.1" 1.3"

Neck Opening Circumference: 3.5" -4.0"

  • Yellow Nape Amazon
  • Eclectus
  • Large Amazons

Shield Diameter: 10"

Neck Diameter: 1.5" -1.8"

Neck Opening Circumference: 4.7" - 5.5 "

  • Large African Grey Parrots
  • Large Amazon's
  • Medium Cockatoo's

Shield Diameter: 12"

Neck Diameter: 1.5" 1.8"

Neck Opening Circumference: 4.7" - 5.5 "

  • Blue and Gold Macaw
  • Umbrella and Moluccan Cockatoo's
  • Large Macaws

Shield Diameter: 12"

Neck Diameter: 2.0" -2.4"

Neck Circumference: 6.25" - 7.50"

  • Large Blue and Gold Cockatoo's
  • Scarlet and Greenwing Macaw's
  • Hyacinth Macaw's


We recommend that you consult with your avian veterinarian regarding what may be causing your parrot to feather pick in addtion to using the Saf-T Shield Bird E-collar

$ 17.99