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Useful Bird Supplies Right Out of the Box!

At, we take customer service seriously.  That's why we make it easy to contact  We want to insure that you receive the right bird supplies without worry or hassle.  No one likes to place an order, wait several days and then find out that they got the wrong item! Especially when dealing with parrot problems such as feather picking, parrot screaming or parrot biting.  

Bird care can be tricky, particularly for those new to parrots as pets. Proper bird supplies sizing is confusing, too. We ask what type of bird you are buying for to double check your purchase for sizing and usefulness.  This info NEVER goes on your shipping label, but it helps us try to ship you the right bird supplies right out of the box. We email you right back so please respond that same day, otherwise we ship as ordered.

We're happy to help you select supplies that your bird will love or assist you with all bird training or bird care questions.  When we say that we're passionate about parrots - we mean it.  That includes YOUR parrot.

Tell us what type(s) of birds you are purchasing your bird supplies for and we will help you choose products that are useful right out of the box. We never disclose information to anyone regarding your bird nor do we put your bird species on your package address label.

We are happy to help with all of your bird care needs! Contact today.

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