Hormonal Behavior in Parrots: What You Need To Know

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What You Need To Know About Hormonal Behavior in Parrots

Did you know that one of the main reasons bird rescues are so overcrowded is because of hormonal behavior in parrots? Statistics suggest that almost every parrot will have at least five different homes before it finds a permanent family. We are proposing that a lot of parrots end up being surrendered when they begin experiencing hormonal behavior year round.  Many species of wild parrots only mate once or twice a year. 

What Does Hormonal Behavior in Parrots Look Like? 

When people are faced with hormonal behavior in parrots such as: feather plucking, aggression, territorial behavior, screaming, biting and even destruction of furniture and carpet, they feel overwhelmed and often frustrated because they don’t fully understand "why" their once sweet parrot is behaving in this manner. The huge mistake is to pour on more love. 


What Causes Hormonal Behavior in Parrots?

Regrettably, for the unaware, improper parrot care can induce aggressive, nervous and nesting behavior in our birds.  The key is to learn proper parrot husbandry techniques. that don't induce year round hormonal behavior in adolescent and adult parrots.  As you read through this ebook, I’ll explain to you what these particular hormonal behaviors in parrots mean and what you can do to help stop your bird from doing being so annoying.


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Discover important strategies to put an end to year round parrot hormonal behavior and learn actionable steps to get your sweet baby back!

10 pp. with easy to understand infographic and reproducible support planning chart.


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