Parrot Skin Care - Topical Creams and Self-mutilation Wound Care

Parrot skin care is helps our tropical pets feel comfortable and prevents feather picking. Our tropical pets need properly moisturized skin to prevent itching and picking. And, infection control is important for open wounds.

Like any animal, parrots will pick at open wounds beyond repair. This is especially true with feather picking parrots.  Parrot Topical Creams and sprays sooth dry, itchy skin, provide some analgesic properties and some, like Medihoney Parrot Wound Care, promote rapid wound healing.

 Choose from an array of parrot skin care products including

  • Feather Spray
  • Medihoney Parrot Wound Care
  • Aloe Vera Skin Care
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Topical Creams and Sprays

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