Understanding Feather Picking in Parrots

Product Description

Understand Feather Picking in Parrots Now

  • Examine feather picking in parrots from both medical and behavioral framework
  • Includes fillable for to help you analyze the function of your birds' feather picking behavior
  • Includes four actionable feather plucking treatment strategies

In this eBook you will discover…

Step-by-step Instructions to manage feather picking in parrots

This eBook contains information to help you understand the causes of feather plucking, four actionable solutions and easy to understand worksheets to collect information on your progress toward managing the problem.


How To Fit Trick Training Into A Busy Life

You only need to train your parrot for 5 minutes a day to teach them some tricks. It is easy to fit trick training in around your daily bird care chores and activities.

Trying to make sense of such a complicated problem can be overwhelming, but not impossible.

This thorough report examines both medical and behavioral causes of feather picking. You'll first examine the importance of ruling out a medical cause with your avian veterinarian.  You'll gain an understanding of several medical causes that result in feather destructive processes.

A significant portion of feather picking cases are deemed to be caused by behavioral influences.  We'll examine several common causes of behavioral feather picking, assist you in analyzing what forces may be taking place to influence the habit and offer you four actionable tools to remedy the situation. 

Booklet includes a fillable form to help you analyze the function of your bird’s feather picking behavior and a reproducible form to help you learn what may be contributing to feather destructive behavior.

Written by Diane Burroughs, LCSW who offers unique insights into how behavioral habits develop and treatment tools. Diane, owner of BirdSupplies.com has almost 20 years experience raising parrots, offering behavioral consultations and advice to parrot lovers and advocating for parrot adoption.  

12 pages. including understanding the function of the behavior and assessing for improvement.



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