Tube Collar Neckband for Parrots, Soft

Product Description

Soft Tube Collar Neckband Gently Restricts Neck Movement 

Try Our Soft, Flexible Tube Collar Neckband for Parrots to Prevent Feather Plucking

  • Soft Fleece Cover
  • Flexible Veg Tan Leather Interior
  • Allows for Eating, Drinking and Climbing
  • Adjustable, Heavy Duty Velcro Closure
  • Appropriate for use with all UnRuffledRx Bird Collars
  • How about a protective combo?  Gently restrict neck movement and cover vulnerable areas, too. Get a matching UnRuffledRx Bird Collar and Tube Collar. 

Bird Collar Sizing by Height | Length of Neck

3/4" - Extra Small Birds like Lovebirds
1.0" - Small Birds from Senegals to Caiques
1.5" - Medium Birds such as Amazon's and African Grey Parrots
2.0" - Large Birds such as Cockatoo's and Macaw's

Assorted Colors

Please check with your avian veterinarian to uncover the actual causes of feather plucking and self-mutilation.  Always use the Tube Collar Neckband under supervision. The Soft Tube Collar is flexible and designed for sensitive birds who've not developed a plucking habit.


$ 15.99