No Pick Picking and Plucking Solution Feather Picking Spray, 8 oz.

Product Description

Why No Pick Feather Picking Spray?

  • Herbal Mist with Aloe Vera and Bitters
  • Tropical Leave-on Treatment

Natra Pet No Pick has been formulated for birds with chronic or vicious picking and plucking disorders.  It removes scales, relieves traumatic feather loss, cleanses oil sacs, and tightens feathers.  Aloe heals and soothes while bitters act as a deterrent taste from feather pickiing.

The Aloe Vera in this feather picking spray treats  dry, itchy skin and acts as a natural analgesic which deters a parrots compulsion to over-preen in their attempt to relieve  skin distress.  (It's similar to soothing a sunburn or rash.  We peel burned skin, pick or scratch.) Birds do the same, sometimes progressing to feather plucking.

 No Pick Feather Picking Spray contains Aloe to soothe skin and Bitter Apple, a bird safe taste deterrent.

Directions:  Shake well.   Remove food and water dishes. Cover bird's eyes and nares.  Do not mist in cold, drafty areas.  Mist about 6-8 inches from your bird.  Treat daily for three weeks.  Cover cage until your bird is dry.

Ingredients: Benzyhol, Carotinoids in an Aqueous Base, Balsam of Peru, Bitter Apple, Aloe Vera.

Caution:  No Pick is for external use only.  Please do not spray on sick birds.  Keep birds out of drafty areas.  Keep feather picking spray away from nares or eyes.

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