Fun Max Parrot Toys Color Cube, 4 Boxes Bird Prop

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Fun Max Parrot Toys

Color Cubes, 4 Boxes Educational Bird Toy

Dimensions: 2" x 1.5" x 1.5" each box Intermediate Level Parrot Prop: Teach the following skills: Colors, Associations, Counting Brand: Fun Max Complete Instructions Included


Fun-Max Parrot Toys Color Cubes Bird Puzzle, created by Avian Behaviorist, Jo.Vaillancourt, teaches parrots to identify colors, count, and focus their attention. Parrots see colors more vibrantly than any human can. Colors stimulate parrot brains so that learn information. Color Cubes make teaching your parrot colors and more advanced bird tricks a breeze.

Color Cubes Bird Toy features 4 acrylic cubes of consistent shape and size, but each a different, bird favored color. The consistent size and shape allows your bird to concentrate on the color - not the shape. Each cube has a top that your parrot can open to access treats! (Instruction inside).

The Jo. Vaillancourt bird puzzle collection has increasingly complex levels from basic to advanced bird tricks. Color Cubes Bird Puzzle is a level 2 bird toy aimed at providing your parrot with the deeper level thinking skills for more advanced bird tricks.

Fun Max Parrot Toys and Bird Props help you bond with your parrot and learn to read it's body language and moods.




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