Clicker Training For Birds Kit

Product Description

Clicker Training for Birds

Have you been wondering how to train your parrot? Clicker Training helps:

  • Depressed and anxious birds feel like they have a flock with 1:1 training time
  • Nervous and poorly socialized birds feel safer and less anxious
  • Undesirable behaviors such as plucking, screaming and biting may fade away
  • Rescued and older birds learn to trust, love, and play

"Parront" your bird properly with the rewarding, positive techniques taught in Clicker Training for Birds.  Calm anxious nerves and encourage positive family (flock) behavior today.  Whether you want to curb your birds anxiety or eliminate biting, plucking or screaming,

Clicker Training For Birds works. Maybe your bird is nervous and doesn't know what you expect. Clicker Training helps solve anxiety related bird problems, like plucking, biting and screaming, by teaching you how to safely and positively reward your parrot for desired behaviors.  

Clicker Training for Birds teaches you how to hone in on:

  • Your parrots need for structure and 1:1 time
  • Attending to appropriately rewarding desired behavior and ignoring behavior you wish to stop
  • Reading parrot body language

In other words, you'll learn to communicate with you bird - and to teach your bird that you are a safe and trusted "flock member." 

Clicker  Training for Birds  - 156 pages. 

$ 17.99