Birdie Bandana

Product Description

Birdie Bandana | Parrot Bandana

  • Our Reversible Birdie Bandana 
  • Softly drapes over the body and much less intrusive than a bird collar
  • Lightweight cotton fabric; designed to get your bird used to wearing bird collars or just for fashion!
  • Non-restrictive for use with very minor plucking behaviors

Are you wanting to introduce your bird to wearing apparel? Or, do you simply want make sure that your bird is decked out in the latest fashion? Check out our Birdie Bandana!  The tie knot gives your bird something to chew on while the bandana helps to protect the neck area for feather pluckers.  

Birdie Bandana Size Information 

Always carefully supervise your bird when it is wearing the bird bandana.

Birdie Bandana comes in assorted, pre-shrunk colors.

$ 10.99