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Bird Sitter Video: A Friend For Your Parrot

birdsitterdvd.gifThe Bird Sitter Video was produced exclusively for parrots to enjoy. The Bird Sitter Bird Video creates a nurturing, social environment where your parrot will thrive, feeling part of a flock. This bird video features over 30 species of beautiful parrots which live in a large aviary. Your parrot will have an opportunity to see how birds in a flock live and will be able to hear the calls of various species of parrots. The Bird Sitter Bird Video provides flock like companionship for birds without the flock! Plus, it offers informative commentary on the life and care needs of companion parrots.

While any parrot can be left alone in a cage all day, though, these sensitive, flock oriented pets easily become lonely and bored. With the intelligence of a five year old youngster, lonely and bored parrots often succumb to behavior and emotional problems. Left to their own devices, without the stimulation of bird toys and "company" birds for socialization, parrots frequently develop behavior problems such as screaming, feather picking or mutilation and biting behaviors. Even parakeets need socialization and mental stimulation. The Bird Sitter Bird Video offers your parrot mental stimulation, companionship and a sense of what life in a flock is like during times when you can't be there for it.

fp4.jpgOther simple steps to provide your parrot with mental stimulation and manage bird boredom include Bird Training by teaching it bird tricks and commands. Clicker Training for Birds, a positive method of bird training gives your parrot a feeling of accomplishment and belonging. When bird training involves the use of bird trick toys or puzzles, your bird can mentally stimulate itself when you are gone.  A mentally healthy parrot makes a wonderful pet.
Offering your parrot several of bird toys during the day when you are not at home also gives your pet something to do during the day besides go stir crazy! Bird toys provide many benefits to parrots, such as mental stimulation, satisfaction for chewing, foraging and preening needs, and exercise. Bird puzzles give your parrot a sense of satisfaction in terms of being able to figure things out. Another way to provide your parrot with mental stimulation is to use speech training CD's, such as one's offered by Feathered Phonics and Babble Balls for Birds. Your parrot can practice words, phrases, whistles and goofy sounds throughout the day to relieve boredom. Feathered Phonics offers nine different CD's for all kinds of birds. From words and phrases to Feathered Phonics for Canaries, Feathered Phonics for Cockatiels and Parakeets and Feathered Phonics in Spanish! Ole! You are sure to find a Feathered Phonics CD that will entertain your Parrot. Wordy Birdy, on the other hand, offers a CD with music and a CD with phrases. The Wordy Birdy Speech Training Device allows you to record a phrase or simple song in your own voice for your bird to learn.

Every bird deserves the company of Bird Sitter Video, Feathered Phonics CD's or a Babble Ball for Birds!