Bird Collars for Severe Feather Destructive Behavior

Range of Feather Plucking Behavior

Mild Collars Moderate Collars Severe Collars Mutilators Neck & Feet Pluckers

Severe feather pluckers pick all over their body or have several bald spots.  They appear to have a feverish need to pluck, as though it provides them with relief. Owners are often feeling helpless and may design homemade products to keep their severe feather plucker safe.

Managing Severe Feather Plucking and Self-Mutilation in Parrots:

  • Providing a bird collar that is sturdy enough for feverish pluckers
  • Offering bird calming supplements to ward off anxiety and calm obsessive plucking
  • Caring for torn wounds
  • Insuring that your bird has premium nutrition including feather growth supplements
  • Exploring parrot husbandry and environmental issues that may be contributing to the problem

Severe feather pluckers are at highest risk of developing a self-mutilation problem.

Severe Feather Pluckers

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