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Why Your Bird Needs UnRuffledRx Bird Collar?

Consult your avian vet to determine why your bird is plucking. It could be due to medical or behavioral problems.  Bird collars act as a barrier to keep your parrot from plucking. Regardless of whether the feather plucking is medical or a behavioral, a bird collar acts as a barrier to keep the bird from its feathers and keep it warm. Environment management, parrot husbandry and behavior modification are also factors that contribute to the problem. 

Learn more about how to manage feather plucking in our eBook The Feather Destructive Behavior Workbook, offering you step-by-step behavior modification help.

Choosing an UnRuffledRx Bird Collar

Use the visual above to determine your birds plucking level.  UnRuffledRx Bird Collars come in styles for mild through severe pluckers. A mild plucker may need a lightweight collar to serve as a diversion, while moderate to severe feather pluckers may need more restrictive collars. Thicker, stiffer collars restrict access to feathers and prevent further injury, but keep in mind that pluckers at this level will try harder to get the collar off.  Behavior modification strategies will be necessary. Please train your bird to accept the collar to lengthen its usability. 

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