3 Natural Bird Calming Solutions for Parrots

3 Natural Bird Calming Solutions for Parrots

Birds are intelligent, yet extremely sensitive pets.  Imagine being as smart as a 5-6 year old child, yet being prey or dinner to a multitude of animals. Our smart pet birds are simply hardwired to be in a constant state of hypervigilance.  In the wild, birds rely on their flock to stay in close proximity to ward off an attack.  The flock, often consisting of hundreds of members, has “scouts” that loudly warn of impending danger (hence, why birds scream).  All birds know that there is significant safety in numbers. Your lone caged bird(s) must put a whole lot of faith in you to feel calm. 

Imagine being a lone or only one of a few pet birds in a household where your body is hardwired to be on constant alert. Your diet is off as are your sleep patterns. Your bird may truly be in a constant state of anxiety.  Of course your pet bird may need natural bird calming medicine that ease worry!

Birds may manifest anxiety, fear and boredom in the form of biting, screaming, feather plucking or territoriality. Not only does an anxious bird need positive bird training to enhance trust, but herbal or natural calming products may be useful to help your bird achieve a quality of life that makes the bird want to bond and engage with you versus attack you.  There are all natural and safe bird calming products that are specially created and formulated to calm anxious birds for both short term and long term applications. Want more permanent results? Use proven, positive behavior modification training techniques in conjunction with natural, safe bird calming agents to develop the pet you always wanted.  Three such calming agents include Avicalm, Herbal Relaxing Formula and Chamomile Tea. Let’s explore these three popular bird calming solutions here:

Avitech Avicalm

Avitech Avicalm for anxious or aggressive birdsPet owners have successfully using Avicalm to calm down their birds and control aggression for years. Since this product is made of natural ingredients with FDA certification, you don’t need to worry about its contraindication. In fact, owners are satisfied with the result while counteracting their birds’ destructive behavior during stressful times like hormonal periods, training new behaviors, stopping screaming behaviors, calming travel anxieties and even during fireworks celebrations.  Avicalm is not a sedative product because your bird remains awake even if it becomes calmer. Avicalm is an ideal choice for anxiety related aggression or fear related behaviors such as extreme nervousness as evidenced by flighty behavior about the cage that could damage feathers.  Avicalm helps resolve screaming and even fear related biting.  It works well to desensitize hormonal aggression, too.

Avicalm is enriched with lecithin, and Vitamin B that amplifies the essential ingredient, L-Theanine, which aids in sending a message to the brain to calm down. For effective results, mix this tasty bird calming formula with your bird’s food and interchange use with the other bird calming products like Herbal Relaxation Formula or Chamomile Tea on a monthly basis. Better yet, use the calming effects to your advantage and train your bird for trust while it feels calm.

Herbal Relaxation Formula

Herbal Relaxation Formula Calms ParrotsThis is an alternative bird calming product that has no alcoholic content.  The ingredients in Herbal Relaxation Formula help improve the quality of life of your bird by seemingly altering mood so that normal environmental stressors are not so scary. This product consists of natural ingredients from flowers of chamomile, hops, lavender and extracts from the leaf of passionflower, and stem, leaf and flower of skullcap, and Valerian root mixed with vegetable glycerin and purified water base.Your bird will surely love its pleasant taste and aroma when administered orally or mixed with water. You will notice that the bird is less anxious, less prone to screaming or feather plucking and simply more content. You may interchange it with Avicalm for best results.

 Your bird may enjoy the soothing benefits of Chamomile Tea for Birds

Chamomile – Loose Flower Chamomile for Calming and Other Health Benefits

Make Chamomile Calming Tea from loose Chamomile FlowersImage Credit: Chamomile Tea Tariq Almutlaq Flickr 2009. Chamomile Flower Tea has numerous health benefits from calming nerves to settling indigestion, relieving muscle spasms and safely sedating your bird.  With antibacterial properties this is the ultimate brew to help feather picking birds. It’s been found to offer beneficial solutions to birds with night frights, skin disorders, feather picking, screaming and biting behaviors and more. You can offer Chamomile tea in a water dish or even spray it on the birds’ feathers for ingestion while naturally preening. We prefer sweet, tasty Egyptian Chamomile Flower buds for calming an anxious bird. 

These three bird calming products contain natural ingredients with formulations known to be harmless to your pet. Never the less, ALWAYS follow package instructions and consult with your avian veterinarian before attempting a home remedy with your parrot.  Although these natural bird calming formulas taste and smell good, and there are no sugar and additives added to enhance its flavor these products, the ingredients are known to alter a bird’s behavior and therefore warrant consultation with a medical professional.

Also, in addition to simply trying to medicate your birds worries away, take a look at issues that may be promoting a sense of fear in your bird from environmental issues to nutritional issues to social and training issues  Calming formulas are a little like a “Band-Aid” in that the temporarily mask anxieties but don’t resolve the underlying causes of anxious or aggressive behavior.

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  • Diane Burroughs