UnRuffledRx Fleece Collar with Stiff Plastic Insert

Product Description

Stiff Plastic Bird Collar

Designed for moderate to severe pluckers. Get the benefits of a stiff plastic bird collar and a soft fleece collar combined.  

Similar to a cone collar, the stiff, lightweight plastic insert creates a barrier that your bird can't bend or lift  It is covered with soft fleece and fleece fringe to promote chewing and preening. 

Your bird won't be able to pick up the fabric or reach around for its feathers.  Velcro enclosure.  

Bird Collar Benefits:

  • Bird can't bend plastic
  • Cone shape keeps collar off wounds
  • Soft fleece doesn't irritate wounds
  • Washable
  • Lightweight

Please, always follow our training instructions.  See Homepage or the enclosed plastic insert.

$ 29.99