Poncho for Parrots, Stretchy Ribbed Neck

Product Description

Poncho for Parrots | Stretchy Ribbed Neck Protects Neck & Wings

  • Protect parrots neck and top of wings
  • Softly drapes over the body for minimal interference with daily life
  • Manages mild to moderate feather destructive behavior
  • Trim to fit as necessary
  • Assorted colors

Our Parrot Poncho with Ribbed Cuff Neck is designed for birds that pick at their neck and pluck wing feathers.

Featuring a stretchy ribbed neck, (like that on a sweatshirt sleeve) the easy to roll down design covers the neck region.  This Poncho for Parrots is designed to be easier to slip over the head.  If you know that your bird is an avid chewer, our Cowl Neck Poncho is a sturdier option. Complete with the signature UnRuffledRx fluffy fringe on top for preening and chewing pleasure. 

Since the ribbed neck area is easier to chew through, please properly train your parrot using the enclosed brochure to discourage chewing.

Ribbed Parrot Poncho Sizing Information

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$ 26.99

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