Parrot Screaming: Is Your Screaming Parrot Driving You Nuts?

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Parrot Screaming Is One Of The Most Common Parrot Problems

10 page Screaming Parrot eBook with Reproducible Worksheets

Parrots are vocal animals. They like to talk and expect you to respond to them. That's why we love to teach them to say “hello” and other fun phrases. However, if you're the happy owner of a parrot, chances are you've also become intimately familiar with the bird's natural need to scream from time to time. 

Wild parrots are most vocal at dawn and dusk because this is when they want to make sure everyone in the flock is okay. Your parrot will have episodes of screaming too. A bit of noise is to be expected. But, an unchecked screaming habit can often result in the re-homing of a pet bird. In fact, screaming and biting are two of the most concerning problems that parrot owners seek advice about.

Even the most experienced and caring parrot lovers often fail to stop their bird's screaming habit, which is all the more reason for you to learn essential techniques to help your parrot maintain a "quieter inside voice."  

In this eBook you will discover…

Step-by-step Instructions to End Screaming

This eBook contains worksheets to assess how the frequency, intensity and duration of the problem allowing you to track the problem and information on discovering the cause of the behavior.  Learn step-by-step training to put an end to screaming.

How To Fit Trick Training Into A Busy Life

You only need to train your parrot for 5 minutes a day to teach them some tricks. It is easy to fit trick training in around your daily care chores and activities. Stop screaming parrot fast with bird training techniques.

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