Nekton-Bio for Bird Feathering - 35GR

Product Description

Nekton Bio - Promote Feather Growth in Parrots, 35 gr.

  • Calcium rich formula
  • 18 Free Amino Acids required for healthy feather growth
  • Vitamins A, E and Biotin that support healthy body systems
  • 6 trace elements including Calcium 
Use Nekton Bio Bird Vitamins beautiful plumage!  Perfect for feather picking parrots. This protein-enriched parrot food supplement contains essential vitamins and minerals that ensure superior feather growth and help prevent parrot plumage defects. 

What sets Nekton-Bio apart from other bird vitamins?

 Calcium and amino acids.
After years of research and experiments from avian nutrition experts, NEKTON-BIO was developed to supplement nutritional deficiencies that result in compromised bird plumage. Nekton-Bio ensures healthy feather growth in all types of birds.
With 18 protein based free amino acids, Nektion-Bio is specifically formulated to provide the essential protein foundation for beautiful plumage.  Feather plucking parrots deplete their bodies of essential nutrients by inducing their bodies to constant feather growth.  Of the amino acids, arginine, methionine and lysine are fundamental for healthy body and feathers, especially since many birds eat  bird seed, which is poor in these amino acids. Vitamins A, E, and Biotin also have a positive effect on feather growth.
Altogether, Nekton Bio contains 13 vitamins, 6 trace elements and calcium have been combined with the amino acids to create an extraordinary formula to support your parrot during parrot moult and encourage the growth of smooth and glossy feathers.

Nekton Bio Bird Supplement:  35 gm.

Always check with your avian veterinarian for guidance regarding frequency of use before incorporating Nekton Bio into your parrots feather care routine.

Individual results may vary. Nekton Bio is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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