Metal Bird Playstand, Medium 22" Dia. x 49" High

Product Description

Basic Metal Bird Stand

  • This metal bird stand is great for medium & large birds
  • 2 stainless steel cups which simply screw on and off

This basic metal bird stand is perfect for out of cage time socialization and especially bird training. Constructed of bird-safe wrought iron, the bird stand is accented with an ornate design making it an attractive addition to any home.  Durable powder-coating finish.  Four EZ roll casters make it easy to move from room-to-room. Assembly is a snap! Completely knock down making it perfect for vacations!

Metal Bird Stand is Perfect for Bird Training

With a single short perch and removable bowls, this metal bird stand is the perfect compliment for Clicker Training and offering Behavior Modification to eliminate parrot screaming, manage feather plucking and train to stop biting parrots. Simply unscrew and remove the cups to eliminate any distraction from your bird training efforts. 

Metal Bird Stand for socialization or bird training.


$ 109.99