Messy Mop Preening Toy for Birds

Product Description

Soft, Preening Fibers for Feather Pluckers

  • Supreme cotton for safe preening, playing and shredding fun!
  • Stimulating bird toy for snuggling & hiding
  • Recommended bird toy for over-preeners & feather pluckers

Now your bird can preen to his heart's content. Prevent feather plucking with this safe bird toy. Messy mop is made from supreme cotton rope, wood, and ribbon. An ideal way to help alleviate cage boredom and other negative behavior! Assorted colors.


Suggested for Quakers to Eclectus parrots.

Sweet Feet & Beak - Messy Mop - 15" x 5" Messy Mop 15" x 5"

$ 16.99