MEDI HONEY Gel 0.5 oz | Wound Dressing

Product Description

MediHoney Gel Wound Dressing for Self-Mutilation Recovery

  • Cleansing and debriding agent is perfect for self-mutilation injuries
  • Research based studies demonstrate effectiveness with hard to heal wounds
  • Ideal for all phases of self-mutilation or wound healing 

MEDIHONEY® Active Leptospermum Honey dressings: MEDIHONEY® is the global leading medical-grade honey-based product for the management of wounds and burns. These unique dressings contain Active Leptospermum Honey, a unique honey from New Zealand that has beneficial plant-derived properties.

MediHoney Gel Dresses Self-Mutilation Wounds

The dressings can be used in all phases of wound healing and could be considered a key dressing in any wound bed preparation protocol. MEDIHONEY® dressings have been shown in several large randomized controlled studies to be effective on hard-to-heal wounds. The line consists of various patented dressings that can manage a wide variety of wound types in a wide variety of settings.

MediHoney Gel is optimal for superficial to full thickness wounds. Cleanses and debrides due to its high osmolarity. Helps to lower the wound pH, for an optimal wound healing environment. Sterile. Single Use. Not Made With Natural Rubber

US patent #11/106473 pending and foreign counterparts granted and pending. MEDI HONEY Gel is a registered trademark of Medihoney Pty Ltd. and used with permission by Derma Sciences, Inc. 

$ 14.99

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