Mango Hot Rod Racer Parrot Skateboard, Mini

Product Description

Mini Parrot Skateboard Lets Your Bird Get Stoked About Parrot Tricks

  • Mango Pet Products - Mini Hot Rod Racer - 6.5" x 3.5"
  • Small parrots can be Tony Hawk on the Mango Mini Parrot Skateboard
  • Predictable 1:1 bird training and bonding time comforts your bird and may reduce self-harm angst
Flock animals, like your parrot, need predictable socialization on a daily basis.  What better way to socialize your pet and reduce captive parrot anxiety than by teaching it bird tricks.  Bird's with self-confidence and predictable training routines feel safer and less anxious. Less anxiety obsess about their feathers and learn to develop the capacity to play and interact with their toys. Play with your bird using specialized parrot training toys that give you tons of chances to reward small gains and boost self esteem.
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