Loose Chamomile Tea Flowers for Parrots

Product Description

100% Loose Chamomile Tea Flower For Parrots


Loose Chamomile Tea for parrots is a completely natural plant based calming herb that is used to minimize nervousness, aggression and anxiety in all sized parrots. Use with nervous, anxious birds that engage in feather picking, screaming, and biting. Reduces stress during travel. Helpful for birds experiencing night frights and hormonal angst.

Chamomile contains antibiotic properties and relieves muscle spasms. This natural sedative helps reduce insomnia and stress. Now available in a dried formula, place a few pods in your birds dish or cooked food, or even inside of a foraging toy. Boil up a a tea and offer up twice a a day. Please have fresh water available at all times.

Pure Egyptian Chamomile Flower are known to be a sweet tea that parrots are drawn to. These flower buds are tasty and 100% organic. Minimal extenders. Your bird will experience a calm feeling and you'll notice reduced feather picking, aggression and nervous behavior minus the groggy feeling of a "drugged bird" that psychotropics have.


Always check with your avian veterinarian for guidance regarding frequency of use and brew intensity before incorporating Chamomile into your parrots diet.

Individual results may vary. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION: Usually, feather picking and other parrot problems are caused by a myriad of issues. Simply calming the bird may only be a temporary solution until you determine what other factors are keeping the behavior in place. You may need to institute other strategies such as behavioral modification, training or even a bird collar or barrier to fully address feather picking issues. Check out our eBooks to help you modify your parrots behavior.

 1 oz. makes about 15 - 8 oz. 

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