Large Bird Parrot Car Seat Perch with Cup

Product Description

Parrot Car Seat with 16 oz. Cup 24" x 17" x 18"

  • Parrot Car Seat lets Your Bird Get Out on the Town!
  • Easy Clean Plastic Back & Bottom Protects You Vehicle From Bird Droppings
  • Includes 16 oz. cup 
  • Slips Over Most Car Seats, Furniture & Can Be Used As A Table Top Stand
  • Perfect For RV Travel

Created for people who really love to travel with their feathered friend, our Parrot Car Seat let's your pet bird travel in style while distracting her from creating mayhem and destruction of your car's interior!  Plastic bottom keeps bird mess off of your car seat. Slip this wonderful bird car seat over your car or van's head rest to secure it in place as shown in the photo. 

This parrot car seat is perfect for the RV! It doubles as a table top perch, too, saving room in the RV.

Got a couch potato?  The handles slip over some sofa's and chairs giving your feathered friend a comfy place to hang out.  Toss some popcorn in the cup and watch your favorite movie with your parrot.  Or, remove the head-rest handles and place the parrot car seat on the coffee table for a mini bird stand.  

Please Note: This parrot car seat is not Suitable for long-tailed birds like large Macaw's 

This parrot car seat is suitable for African Grey's, Amazon's up to Moluccan Cockatoo's


$ 89.99