KINGS CAGES Shhh! Homeopathic Parrot Screaming Treatment 6 oz.

Product Description

Shhh! Parrot Screaming Treatment

For relief of excess squawking, parrot screaming, and hyper-excitability. Also helps to control your bird’s tendencies to strike out and bite. Add one cap of Shhh! Herbal Calming Supplement into 8 oz. of bottled water each day and watch your bird's screaming start to subside.

You should start to see results within 5 days. Birds will usually react better with their owners and play more with their owner and toys. Please do not use with chlorinated water.

Put an End to Parrot Screaming

BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION: Usually, screaming is caused by a myriad of issues. Simply calming the bird may only be a temporary solution until you determine what other factors are keeping the behavior in place. You may need to institute other strategies such as behavioral modification, training or environmental changes to manage parrot screaming.

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