Herbal Bird RX Milk Thistle | Dandelion Parrot Liver Detox 1 oz.

Product Description

Parrot Liver Detox and Fatty Liver Disease Management

  • Herbal supplement detoxifies liver
  • Assists with management of Fatty Liver Disease
  • Must have for rescue bird's and seed junkies
  • Safe for long term use

The liver performs some crucial functions in birds. It filters toxins out of their blood, produces bile that helps digest fat, and stores glycogen as a backup source of energy. When the liver is not able to function properly, acute or chronic liver problems can occur.

What Causes Parrot Liver Damage?

Common causes of liver problems in birds include diseases such as malnutrition from an all seed diet, infectious hepatitis, exposure to aflatoxins and fatty liver disease, certain medications and exposure to harmful chemicals.

Symptoms of Parrot Liver Damage

Liver problems produce a variety of symptoms ranging from

  • partial or complete anorexia,
  • lethargy,
  • depression,
  • diarrhea,
  • polyuria,
  • polydipsia,
  • dyspnea,
  • poor feather quality and weakness.

Parrot Liver problems require proper veterinary care. Supplements that support healthy liver function can also help.

Use this 100% alcohol free formula with birds on an all seed diet or who are experiencing fatty liver disease. Can be used long term. Contains: Milk thistle seed and dandelion root in a kosher certified vegetable glycerine/purified water base.

Parrot Liver Drops 1oz = approximately 770 drops

$ 13.99

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