Herbal Bird RX Arthritis Formula | Bird Pain Reliever, 1 oz.

Product Description

Bird Pain Reliever Including Arthritis

  • Homeopathic herbs naturally relieve pain from arthritis
  • Reduces painful swelling and body toxicity
  • Safe and effective for long term use

Use this 100% alcohol free bird pain reliever with older, injured or arthritic parrots that are experiencing pain and swelling. A proprietary combination of medicinal herbs in a bird safe formula helps to relieve arthritis discomfort and reduces swelling and toxins which cause pain.

Elderly birds, abused and rescue birds suffering from general pain and malaise can be helped by this formula. Can be used long term.

Bird Pain Reliever Ingredients:

Alfalfa leaf, Stinging Nettles leaf, Cornsilk, Devil's Claw root, Shavegrass stem (horsetail), Fenugreek seed, Yucca Root, and Black Walnut Hulls in a kosher certified vegetable glycerine/purified water base.

Bird Pain Reilever 1oz = approximately 770 drops

$ 13.99