Generation II Giant Wheel Big Bird Foraging Toy

Product Description

Creative Foraging Systems for Parrot Enrichment

  • Challenge your intelligent parrot with this fun foraging toy
  • Keep your big bird busy with toys that deliver treats
  • Extremely tough toy

Parrot Enrichment: A Natural Solution To Undesirable Behaviors Such As Feather Picking or Screaming!

Fill this foraging bird toy with treats that your parrot craves and offer up hours of entertainment! Generation II Foraging Wheel puts your bird's problem-solving skills to the test whether you're home or away by dispensing treats when the puzzle is solved. Simply fill any of the six compartments with your bird's favorite treats and let the games begin.

Creative Foraging Systems Parrot Enrichment Toys

Generation II Foraging Wheel has large compartments that can hold walnuts and even toy parts. A front and center wheel with six holes lets your bird manipulate the wheel with its beak or foot to turn the foraging wheel to the desired compartment. Durable, easy-clean polycarbonate toy withstands active daily play. Includes mounting attachments. Disassembles fully for cleaning. Green inner wheel, clear outer casing and attachment hardware. 

Toy Measurement Suggested For
Giant 8" dia x 10-1/2" high Depends on food/treat size


Use mulitple foraging toys and feeding stations throughout your birds cage to encourage foraging and problem-solving while searching for food. Remember, that the more your bird has to work for its food, the happier it is!

 Caitec - Foraging Wheel Gen II - Giant - 10" x 8" Diameter

Parrot Enrichment Foraging Wheel Gen II - Giant 10" x 8" Diameter

$ 48.98