Fun Max Teach Box and Bank Bird Prop, Small

Product Description

Teach Box Bird Prop

Dimensions: 3" x 2-1/2" x 2-1/4" high
Sized for: Quakers, Caiques, Senegals and similar sized birds
Brand: Fun Max

Beginner bird prop. Great bird toy for anxious and bored birds, including feather pickers. Improve your birds self confidence while diverting its attention from picking with healthy attention.

The Teach Box is a Level 1 or beginning level bird trick toy that is designed to teach your bird to "LEARN HOW TO LEARN."

  • Teach your parrot the concept of performing for a reward
  • Stimulate curiosity and maintaining attention
  • Teaches you the routine of bird training sessions

Using Clicker Training for Birds techniques you will also become adept at quickly rewarding and treating your bird for the behaviors you want to see.

The Teach Box is made from strong acrylic and includes acrylic shaped discs & coins, an instruction guide and a box that has openings on the top and has no bottom. The coins fit into the slots but the discs don’t. The discs are to teach your bird colors and shapes while and the coins are to teach it how to insert a desired item in a desired place - or beak dexterity. This bird trick toy is durable and easy to clean but should be used under supervision.

Fun Max offers three different levels of educational bird props available.

  • Beginner (Level 1) Teach Box
  • Intermediate (Level 2) Color Cubes; 
  • Advanced (Level 3) The Rings Game & Psitta Puzzle


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