Fun Max Ring Teacher, Wood

Product Description
This self-esteem boosting, wood bird toy enriches your parrot's intellect and helps put an end to parrot boredom.  


Use the Fun Max Ring Teacher to teach your parrot 4 basic colors – Red, yellow, green and blue. Your parrot will enjoy playing with the colored wooden rings as you teach it to pull the off and put the rings back onto the posts. Wild parrots need to learn to precisely manipulate their beak placement.


Teach your parrot a new language. Teach and ask your talking parrot, "What color?"  or instruct her to retrieve a particular color, such as, "Get the blue ring!"


A confident, well-bonded, enriched and intellectually stimulated bird has one less reason to feather pluck.  Effective socialization and training eases bird anxiety. You'll enjoy the bonding time and you'll be rewarded as you engage with your smart bird in a positive, mutually friendly activity.


28 pieces and 4 posts. Measures 3" x 8" x 6" high. Suitable for Caiques, Grey's, Amazons, Cockatoo's and other similar sized birds.

Wood dowel refills available. 100% bird safe dyes and wood materials.

$ 18.99