Fun Max Bird Toys Power Game Bird Prop

Product Description

Train Your Bird With Fun Max Bird Toys

Dimensions: Medium 5" tall, Large 9" tall
Advanced (Level 3) Parrot Prop: Teach the following skills: Colors, Object placement, Counting
Brand: Fun Max
Complete Instructions Included
THE POWER GAME Parrot Prop is a skill game that requires your bird to learn of numbers and colors. The game consists of 4 columns (red, blue, green and yellow), matching colored coins and a white play board that is used to keep the columns in place. This game is easy and fun for birds that have succeeded in the preceding levels. It is builds upon the Teach Box Bird Prop.

 How Fun Max Bird Toys Help Feather Plucking Parrots

Feather pluckers will benefit from the self-confidence that they gain by demonstrating their knowledge, as well as the bonding time and positive reinforcement methods that reward them for play.
 From now on in the subsequent games, you probably will not have to go through the TEACH BOX (# 501) steps, because the bird should know the command "Put", but you will have to start with giving yourself the command in front of the bird before asking it to execute the game. 
Fun Max Bird Toys Promote Bird Mental Health
$ 33.99