Fold Away Bird Shower Perch

Product Description

Fold-Away Bird Shower Perch With Suction Cups

  • Easiest way to bathe your bird
  • Gray rubberized perch surface is easy to grip
  • Fold away arm swings out of the way when not in use
  • Multi-purpose perch attaches to any smooth surface including shower walls, windows, mirrors
  • Perfect for feather pluckers

Multipurpose Bird Shower Perch Works on Windows & Mirrors

You can even place this bird shower perch on the car window to allow your parrot to travel with you. This bird shower perch features two over-sized suction cups and a rubberized perch surface that is mildew resistant and comfy to perch on. It conveniently folds back flat when you're not using it.

Shower Perch suction cups work on smooth surfaces only.

This shower perch is available in two sizes:

Small Shower Perch: 11" long, 5/8" dia; TWO Suction Cups

Large Shower Perch: 15" long, 1 1/4" dia; THREE Suction Cups

The Multi-use Bird Shower Perch is Perfect for Road Trips!


$ 24.99