Featherbrite Bird Light - Capital Universal

Product Description

FeatherBrite Capital Universal Full Spectrum Bird Light

  • Full Spectrum Bird Light Dimensions: 11" x 11" x 9"
  • Mood and Health Enhancing Bird Light
  • Weight: Approx. 2 lb.
  • Stainess Steel Cage Attachment for Easy On / Off and Bulb Changes
  • Stainless steel wire safety arm (12 inches)helps keep cord away from cage
  • FeatherBrite 15w full spectrum bulb included.
  • 8 ft. electrical cord

Capture the benefits of natural sunlight for your parrot with the FeatherBrite Bird Lighting kit. This bird light mounts to the top of your bird cage for maximum health benefits. indoors. Replicating the health benefits of sunlight, bird lights help your bird synthesize Vitamin D, aid in sleep, glandular health and feather health. Learn more about bird lights here.

Why Use a Full Spectrum Bird Light?

  • Light determines your bird's sleep cycle: A well rested bird has a better mood
  • Lighting affects your pet's seasonality: Changes in the length of day affects when your bird becomes hormonal. Improper lighting may cause a bird to become hormonal year round.
  • UV Light assists in the synthesis of Vitamin D and in turn, the proper utilization of calcium levels.  Calcium is needed not just for strong, healthy bones but also for neurological balance and mood management.

This Full Spectrum Bird Light ships within the Continental U.S. only.


$ 84.99