Crystal Shuttle Acrylic Macaw Carrier, CS4

Product Description

Crystal Shuttle Macaw Carrier 34" x 10" x 13"

  • Macaw Carrier is hand-made with easy to clean curved corners
  • Front and back door for easy entry and exit
  • Low perch for better balance and minimal damage to tail feathers
  • Removable mat
  • Shoulder straps aid in balancing your large bird during transit
  • Warp, crack and craze resistant 

About this Macaw Carrier

This Crystal Shuttle Acrylic Macaw Carrier is sized for long-tailed parrots Parrots. The clear view allows you to monitor your parrot and your parrot can see you. The empty weight of this bird carrier is 13 pounds.

Your macaw can travel comfortably in this specialty carrier without damage to it's tail.  With front and back door access, enter your parrot through back doors and release it from the front doors. The horizontal design allows this macaw carrier to fit in most cars.

Safely take and transport your macaw on outings and adventures.  This macaw carrier is perfect for use in an RV.  Remember, the more you socialize your macaw parrot, the better pet it will be.  

 Great for car use. May be used as a sleep cage or a hospital / recovery cage.

Acrylic Macaw Carrier Weight: 13 lb.

$ 299.99