Biting Parrot? How To Stop A Biting Parrot

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Biting Parrot?

10 page Downloadable eBook and Reproducible Worksheets

So, you've acquired a parrot, bonded with you and then it turns nippy.  Or worse, attacks you.  Now, you're wondering how to stop your bird from biting you.

As many parrot parents find out, biting is a common behavioral issue. What many people don’t know is that birds can actually be “trained to bite” by our reaction to this inappropriate behavior. Find out why your parrot is biting and learn step by step methods to cease the problem!

Parrot owners need to realize that biting is a serious problem. These birds’ beaks aren’t exactly alligator jaws, but a biting parrot can still inflict quite a bit of damage, can possibly cause infection, and it could be a sign of something more serious. So, even if it’s an infrequent problem, you need to seek some type of biting parrot training technique if your bird is biting.

In this Biting Parrots eBook you will discover…

Step-by-step Instructions

This Biting Parrot eBook contains worksheets to assess how the frequency, intensity and duration of the problem allowing you to track the problem and information on discovering the cause of the behavior.  Learn step-by-step training to put an end to biting.

How To Fit Trick Training Into A Busy Life

You only need to train your parrot for 5 minutes a day to teach them new tricks. It is easy to fit trick training in around your daily care chores and activities.

End biting parrot issues with easy to use training techniques.

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