Avitech Herbal Relaxation and Calming Formula for Parrots

Product Description

Calming Formula for Parrots

  • Naturally supports a calm, relaxed state in parrots
  • Help Your Bird Cope With Environmental Stressors Or Manage Deep Seated Behavior Problems including Screaming & Feather Plucking
  • Made with organic herbs to ensure it's safe for your pet

Avitech Herbal Rx uses a blend of natural herb extracts to provide relief from anxiety in parrots.

Bird Safe / 100% Alcohol Free / Avian specific / Great Tasting / 100% Vegan / Green Mfg. /Cruelty-free Testing / Organic and Sustainable (where possible).

Parrots can act out in a variety of ways when confronted with an uncomfortable or unfamiliar situation. Being animals of prey, chronic anxiety is common in many bird species. This formula offers a way to control bad behavior by relieving the anxiety caused by loneliness,new situations, separation, loud noises, hormones or general fear. An anxious bird may engage in chronic screaming, biting and feather picking/barbering/plucking/mutilation. Valerian root, which acts as a source of magnesium and vitamins that promote a feeling of calmness. 

Pleasant Tasting Formula Can Be Administered Directly By Mouth Or Added To Water

Ingredients: Lavender flower, Passionflower leaf, Chamomile flower, Skullcap flower/leaf/stem, Hops flower, and Valerian root in a vegetable glycerine/purified water base.

For long term use, interchange this calming formula for parrots with Avicalm 

$ 14.99