Avitech Feather-In Powder for Parrot Skin Care, 8 oz.

Product Description

Avitech Feather-In Topical Spray for Parrot Skin Care 

  • Soothing botanical formula relieves itchy, dry skin for optimum parrot skin care
  • Proven defense feather plucking caused by itchy dry skin 
  • Safe for long term use 
  • Aids in beautiful plummage

This finely milled herbal powder that immediately soothes itchy skin, soothes irritation from molting and helps feather picking birds. Parrots, whom originate from sub-tropical humid climates, are especially prone to itchy, dry skin. Scratching may injure a bird's tender skin and contribute to feather plucking. Avitech Feather-In immediately conditions your bird's skin to relieve irritation and inflammation and manage feather destructive behavior

How to Improve Parrot Skin Care

Mix this parrot skin care powder with water in a 16 oz. spray bottle.  Follow packaging instructions. For best results, mist your bird twice a day.

Avitech Feather-In Parrot Skin Care Powder is human cosmetic grade. 

$ 14.99