Avitech Cal-D Solve Parrot Calcium Supplement + Magnesium

Product Description

Avitech Cal-D Solve Parrot Calcium Supplement

 Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency In Birds

  • Anxious, Nervous Behavior and Feather Picking or Plucking
  • Soft Egg Shells and Egg-binding
  • Weak Bones And Rickets 

Cal-D-Solve is a water soluble high-performance calcium + magnesium parrot calcium supplement, with added Vitamin D3. It is formulated with lactate forms of calcium and magnesium for maximum absorption in the gut and clear solubility in drinking water. Cal-D-Solve contains no color or flavoring and no preservatives.

Use for birds experiencing chronic calcium deficiency including chronic egg layers. Please seek veterinary advice if you are concerned about your birds nutrition.

Usage Tips: Sprinkle lightly over fruit, vegetables, greens and/or seed or add to drinking water. Leaves drinking water crystal clear and tasteless. Discontinue use when bird is on Tetracycline Based Antibiotics. Follow dosage directions.  Too much parrot calcium supplement may mimic calcium deficiency in parrots.

DO NOT add to parrot calcium supplement hand-feeding formula unless recommended by your avian veterinarian.

$ 5.99