Avitech AviFlax Gold, Flax Seed for Parrots, 8 oz.

Product Description

Flax Seed for Parrots

AviFlax Flax Seed for parrots is a 100% natural, human-grade, chemical free, non-GMO source of Omega 3 fatty acids. May be of benefit for birds who feather pick.

AviFlax Milled Flax Seed supplies your bird with the essential oils it needs for healthy skin and feathers. AviFlax is processed specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of birds. It is vitamin fortified and stabilized for enhanced bio-availability and shelf life. AviFlax is an all natural product that supplies elements (Omega fatty acids) known to improve the health of parrots. Omega 3 from flax seed has been shown the enhance antibody production and protect against hypertension. In studies of parrots, Omega 3 fatty acids were associated with a reduced incidence of atheriosclerosis. 

Only premium Northern-grown flax seed is used for AviFlax. Flax seed is not usable whole and must be ground to release beneficial fatty acids. If ground too aggressively, nutrients can be lost due to oxidation and other damage, so AviFlax flax seed is gently milled to retain maximum nutritional benefit. Contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 and is vitamin fortified.

AviFlax Gold can be sprinkled on dry or moist food or mixed into egg food. AviFlax Gold can also be baked into bird bread recipes.

Flax Seed for Parrots Ingredients:

Ground flax seeds, folic acid, zinc sulfate, vitamin E, vitamin B-12; vitamin B-6

Analysis: crude protein 22% min; crude fat 36% min; crude fiber 10% max; calcium 0.38% min; omega 3 21.5% min; omega 6 5.3% min

Providing for your parrots and essential oils.  Flax Seed for Parrots is available in a 8 ounce bag. 

$ 9.99