Avitech AviClean Concentrate Bird Cage Cleaning Solution, 16 oz.

Product Description

16 oz AviClean Enzyme Bird Cage Cleaning Solution - Makes 1 Gallon

  • Safe bird cage cleaning solution is one less thing to worry about when you have a feather picker.
  • 16 oz. concentrate bottle makes one gallon of enzyme based bird cage cleaning solution and deordorizer
  • Get more Avitech AviClean for less money + cheaper shipping!
  • Non-rinse dual enzyme formula cuts cage cleaning tie in half!

Need to keep your feather picker's bird cage extra clean? Just mix up bird safe Avitech AviClean Concentrate in your own spray bottle and watch all protein based, (the perfect environment for bacteria growth,) messes soften and wipe right up. Safe on everything from the bird cages, bird stands, perches, toys, floors, walls, floors and most cloth items, including carpet.  Please test on fabric swatches first.

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Deordorizer and Bird Cage Cleaning Solution 

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