Avitech Avibios Parrot Probiotics Supplement, 2 oz.

Product Description

AviBios Parrot Probiotics 

  • Specially formulated parrot probiotics
  • Promotes and maintains natural, favorable intestinal balance.
  • Use daily for baby birds and after antibiotic treatment for adult birds.
  • Recommended daily for Cockatiels.

Stress conditions such as molting, breeding, feeding young, growth, preparation for flight, illness and injury, along with contaminated feed and water, food soured in the crop, chlorinated water, antifungal and antibiotic therapy, can all cause a great imbalance of various types of micro-organisms in the crop and intestine tract, leaving birds susceptible to digestive problems.

Why Parrot Probiotics?

Avitech AviBios Parrot Probiotics provides beneficial bacteria that normally live in the small intestine acting to "crowd-out" disease causing organisms. They also make the intestine less favorable for harmful bacteria and yeast by producing lactic acid and acetic acids. Beneficial bacteria assist in nitrogen retention and weight gain in babies and in the production of vitamin B.

Bird Care Tip: Combine AviBios Parrot Probiotics and Formula One when nursing an ill bird back to health. 

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