Aviator Harness Flight Line

Product Description

Why Get The Aviator Harness Flight Line?

  • Freedom to fly and explore without getting lost.
  • Tangle proof flight system allowing unrestricted flight in an area as small as 30’ x 30’ and as large as 50’ x 80’.
  • Light weight elastic cording allows safe flight and encourages proper flight behaviors for free flight training.
  • Fits all birds as small as cockatiels and as large as hyacinth macaws.
  • Package includes: Flight Line system, Light weight lead for small birds, Heavy weight lead for large birds.

The AVIATOR bird harness is not included.

Always Use the Aviator Harness Flight Line Under Supervision

Now you can safely teach your bird recall or to retrieve.  You can allow your bird to forage in the grass without fear of it flying off and offer it unparrellel exercise.

Get an Aviator Harness Flight Line to compliment your Aviator Hanress.

$ 47.99