Parrot Totem's: What Parrots Bring to the Human Experience

About Parrot Totems

312px-scarlet-macaw.jpgThe parrot family ranges from the mighty, majestic macaw to the tiny, talkative Australian budgie. Also known as hookbills, parrots generally have a long life span. As a matter of fact, large parrots often outlive their owners.  These fascinating animals have been coveted for centuries due to their unusually beautiful plumage, outstanding intelligence and the ability to learn human language.  Parrots bring important opportunities to understand our own human experience, for those that wish to listen.
Overall, the parrot is an alert bird with a good temperament. Parrots live in flocks and mate for life. They are extremely social and active. And, parrots are extremely intelligent, no matter what the size or species.  In fact, recent studies reveal that parrots have their own language plus, they are capable of learning human language. Of course, it's intelligence brings forth a sense of curiosity. Parrots need to work, learn, experience new opportunities.
Parrots require opportunities to problem solve, just like people.
All parrots need to solve puzzles.  They must experience novelty.  From totem perspective, a bird that wants to speak human language and connect with it's flock leader (you)  is considered to be a link between mankind's world and the world of nature. Parrots serve as a bridge in which both can  gain a deeper understanding about one another. This understanding allows both kingdoms to live in harmony - if the human wants it.
In addition to intelligence and communication capabilities, one of the most outstanding features of the parrot is its spectacular range of coloring.  Parrots are both visually and intellectually bright.  Parrots evoke a sense of hope and promise. Just looking at a parrots brilliant plumage gives one a feeling of excitement and wonder. For those who identify with Parrot Totems, we have the remarkable opportunity to renew our understanding of our interconnectedness to all earthly life.   
Parrot people tend to be insightful.   We're sensitive to color tones, hues, harmony, and blends. We're aware that moods can be created with the use of color. Combine this insight with great communication skills for a responsive, understanding ability to love.
parrot-totem.jpgParrots teach us the power of magic. Their feathers are used in healing rituals to invoke the properties of color and light. Color and light therapy have been used by many native tribes to heal the sick or injured. For those with this totem, the study of your colors will reveal a lot about yourself.
Parrots in general are vocal. They have special tones and whistles that their flock mates recognize.  You can bond with your parrot by imitating its personal whistle. Vocalization is somewhat dependent on your parrots species and personality.  But, more importantly, parrot vocalization depends on the opportunities you allow your parrot to talk. Your parrot must spend time with you. Never the less, parrots can be quite noisy.
In humans this indicates an innate ability to know when to voice ones opinion and when to be silent. Lessons associated with discernment are always present in a parrot medicine person. A bird which can speak the human language is considered to be a link between mankind's world and the world of nature. They serve as a bridge in which both can cross to gain a deeper understanding about one another. This understanding allows both kingdoms to live in harmony. When the parrot flies into your life it is asking you to recapture the magic of living. It is time to enjoy your life and all it holds.