Parrot Talking Supplies: Bird Speech Training CD's and Toys

Talking Birds Are Fun to Be Around!

talkingparrot.jpgDid you know that parrot training is so easy because parrots have the intellectual capabilities of a kindergarten aged child? Parrots are such smart animals that they require routine intellectual stimulation. Simple products for your parrot to talk are available at We offer bird supplies and parrot supplies to keep your bird mentally stimulated and to develop a talking parrot. And, your parrot can use most of these supplies during the day when you are at work!

Play parrot talk training CD's such as those developed by Feathered Phonics give your parrot words and phrases or songs and whistles to practice. Speech training CD's help your parrot understand how it can communicate with you and give it options other than screaming. It's your job to nurture these new "inside voice" talents

Speech training CD’s and DVD’s ward off loneliness. Birds enjoy listening to the digitally mastered recordings of Feathered Phonics. Feathered Phonics now has nine different CD's from words and phrases to songs to Feathered Phonics for Canaries, Feathered Phonics for Cockatiels and Parakeets and Feathered Phonics in Spanish! Ole! You are sure to find a Feathered Phonics that will entertain and mentally stimulate your Parrot.

Babble Ball Talking Bird Toys are a hit among all sized parrots.  Parrots love interacting with a toy that responds when they tap it.  Babble Balls emit fun, lively sounds whenever your parrot plays with it.  There is a Babble Ball that talks in short phrases and a parrot talking toy that makes animal sounds.  

Many pet birds are left alone all day with nothing to do. Unfortunately, though, these sensitive, flock oriented pets quickly become very lonely and bored. These empty feelings may lead your bird to develop common bird behavior and emotional problems. Without a lot of stimulation from bird toys, positive parrot training and socialization and "flock-like company," pet bird's often develop behavior problems from screaming and biting to feather picking or mutilation behaviors.

Parrots that can listen to a repertoire of songs and whistles or words and phrases are less apt to develop a screaming habit. Use one of the whistles from a bird training CD to call you bird when you’re working about the house. Even Cockatiels enjoy company and mental stimulation.

If you want to kick parrot enrichment up a notch, get The Bird Sitter DVD or Adventure Parrot DVD. These stimulating DVD's for parrots offer both visual and auditory stimulation and provide a unique flock like experience. Your parrot can watch and learn appropriate parrot behaviors. 

Every bird deserves to be well socialized and the company of 
Bird Sitter Video or Feathered Phonics CD's.

Little Known Bird Facts -                                                                           

"Did you know that birds have accents? Researchers have found that bird populations have accents reflective of their geographical area. Individuals within a population also have voices that vary. If a population of birds lives near another population that has a similar accent, the birds of both populations have less variable voices than if they were isolated." Lederer, Dr. Roger Amazing Birds: A Treasury of facts and Trivia about the Avian World. 2007, Quatro Inc.