Parrot Starter Kit

Parrot Starter Kit


  • Safety: Make sure that your bird supplies are made from only bird safe parts
  • Size: Choose bird supplies that are the proper size for your parrot.
  • Guarantee: Buy your bird supplies from reputable bird stores like We help you with your choices and we stand behind our bird supplies with a money back guarantee. Reputable bird stores are intimately familiar with all sizes and most species of parrots and are passionate about their own pet parrots.

What Your New Parrot Needs!

Confident parrots love new cage accessories. When the budget is tight or you’re acquiring your first bird keep in mind that your parrot has four basic needs, in addition to the largest bird cage you can afford, when it comes to bird supplies.

Bird Food

Parrots have complex nutritional needs. We recommend that you don't skimp on your bird food choice. Choose healthy bird food such as Zupreem or Harrison's Bird Food. Supplement with a variety of fresh green, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits rich in anti-oxidants. Large parrots may benefit from lock down food bowls like Lixit Quick-Lock Crocks. Water bottles are useful, especially for parrots that bathe or poop in their water dish or dunk their pellet bird food.

Bird Perches

Standing all the time can be hard on the feet. Buy your parrot three to four appropriately sized bird perches. Choose different textures and variable diameters. Our birds prefer Sandy Perches, which offer the added advantage of trimming their nails. Natural branch wood perches exercise foot muscles.  Cotton perches are popular for baby birds and birds with compromised feet.

Bird Toys

All parrots, no matter the size, need mental stimulation. Irene Pepperberg has proposed that parrots have the intelligence of a four to five year old child. Could you imagine sticking a five year old in a cage with nothing to do all day long? Like children, your parrot needs bird toys. Choose some wood bird toys and some foraging style bird toys that require your parrot think and problem solve. See our large selection of bird toys here.

Emergency Care

We strongly encourage all bird owners to learn the basics of caring for their parrot in case of an emergency. First and foremost, find an avian veterinarian. Next, learn about how to manage common bird emergencies with our Avian First Aid for Birds DVD and get a First Aid Kit. Keep track of your bird’s weight with a bird scale and document your bird’s health history.