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Whether you’re a parrot parront "newbie" or an experienced birder, caring for parrots is both incredibly enjoyable and sometimes stressful and worrisome.  We want to make caring for parrots less stressful by providing important bird care information about a variety of common and even unusual topics pertaining to caring for your bird. Plus, we're dedicated to providing you with parrot problem solving 101 for issues including feather picking, parrot screaming and parrot biting.  After 20 years of caring for our own parrots that experience occasional feather picking, parrot screaming and parrot biting, we are constantly upgrading our parrot care EBooks and workbooks to solve parrot problems.

These exotic pets are such fun, interactive companions, but they require knowledgeable bird care practices to thrive to their potential.  Without expert bird care, your parrot may develop frightening habits like feather picking or self-mutilation, biting and screaming.We "parronts" worry about our bird's health, mental health, nutrition, enrichment and training all of the time. Here at, we want to make bird care easier by researching answers to your questions. 

Let us know what your bird care questions are and we'll scout the answers out asking the experts.

Please note that we cannot diagnose nor provide treatment recommendations without seeing your bird. If you are concerned about your bird's health, you are strongly encouraged to take your bird to an Avian Veterinarian.