Please see size charts here:
  • Saf-T Shield
  • UnruffledRX Collars
  • UnruffledRX Poncho’s
Saf-T Shield Collars are plastic collars with a padded neck and snap attachment. These stiff collars are difficult for parrots to get under but at the same time restrictive in terms of movement.

UnRuffledRX Mild Bird Collars are fleece based collars that slip over the head and provide a thick, relatively light-weight barrier; designed for minor pluckers

UnRuffledRX Moderate Parrot Collars are a bit thicker with more layers of fleece and easier, Velcro based attachment

UnRuffledRX Leather Collars come with Velcro attachment; optional fleece “chewies” to distract destruction of Velcro attachment. Recommended for self-mutilators or severe OCD self-destructive behaviors.

UnRuffledRX Parrot Poncho offers a unique neck protective alternative with loosely draped fleece which includes FREE danglies to attach beads, chewables, etc. Recommended for birds that pluck and pick above the neckline.

Birdie Bandana’s whether used as a cute accessory or a diversion for an “experimental” plucker, these attractive bird apparel items act as a diversion for birds that pluck from an acute angst such as non-invasive surgery or illness, allergy or short term reaction. They keep a non-OCD or habitual feather plucker distracted and are cute at the same time.

Yes. Simply put, if your bird is destroying it’s own feathers or even engaging in self-mutilation behaviors, this collar provides a temporary barrier to dangerous skin damage. It is designed to give the habitual plucker a safe alternative to chew through versus feathers and chest. We strongly recommend that you develop your behavior modification skills to further deter feather and skin destructive behaviors. Furthermore, an initial avian veterinarian workup is highly advised. All of our bird collars may be used with avian safe bird calming agents such as Avitech Avicalm or Herbal Relaxation Formula. Purchase our E-Book for Feather Plucking or Self-Mutilation to further refine your skills in managing your bird’s OCD and your own angst that perpetuates this sad disorder.
Since our medical line and cloth line are non-returnable, we want to make sure that you get what you need, right out of the box .On occasion, you can anticipate a call or email that will allow us to tailor your order specifically for your bird species and size.
Each bird carrier comes in two or more sizes, depending on your travel needs, please text or message us with your specific requirements so that we can offer informed advice to meet your specific needs.
Just like your medical care professional has to try the medication that works with most people first and then carefully pick and choose, different birds and the extent of the “habit” or avian mental illness dictate which calming product to use. Think of avian calming products as being on a range.
There are a number of reasons that contribute to feather plucking behaviors. We always recommend a good physical checkup with an avian specialist to uncover any physical reasons that a bird may be picking at itself. If your avian veterinarian deems that that the cause is either habitual with Obsessive Compulsive tendencies or behavioral, in terms of the bird accidentally being trained to pluck, our book on Feather Plucking and Self-Mutilation will offer immediate assistance.