Compare Wood Bird Perches

Bird Perches: Compare Wood Bird Perches

  Manzanita Wood Perch Dragonwood Perch Java Wood Perch



  • 8th Hardest Bird Safe Perch
  • Available in a variety of diameters & lengths
  • American Northwest Wood Perches used for both gyms and perches
  • Very Hard wood perch density easily available in Florida
  • Ivory colored very hard wood is used for wood  bird stands, wood perches,T-Perches and bid toys.
  • Very hard, deep fibered bird safe wood
  • incredible twists resulting in lots of naturally horizontal growth.
  • Beautiful natuarlly tan color is furniture grade attracve 
Bark Coating

Thin, peelable bark that is somewhat slick, but the actual branch has so much variability that the healthy strong, well-jointed bird foot holds on well.  

NOT recommended for parrots with damaged feet including missing toes, joints or nails. 

Varigated textured bark fun for chewing

RECOMMENDED for all birds including parrots with damaged feet including missing toes, joints or nails. 

Hand Scrapped - Adds to variability that a bird can use numerous foot joint to grasp well.

RECOMMENDED for all parrots ecept  those with more than 2 damaged toes on a foot or both feet compromised. 



Good variability, especially withslightly  twisted branches and cut off growth; speciality wood perch manufacturers hand scrap for increased perchvariability Minimal to moderate perch diameter variabilty within the length of each perch but the thick, varigated bark more than makes up for it.  

Highly variable even within each branch and moreso with multi-branched perches.  Smooth, hand-scrapedwood  perches are excellent for a parrot that has good foot health.  So much so, that these wood perches exercise feet, legs and torsoParrots with crippled toes or missing joints and nails may not feel comforable on a java wood perch.