Choosing Bird Treats, Supplements and Vitamins

Bird Treats, Supplements and Vitamins

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Nutritious bird treats for training and spoiling the bond you have with your bird. Powder formulated vitamins and supplements to help supplement better bird nutrition. Sprinkle on cooked bird food or fresh foods.

Ac onvenient powder multi-vitamin for caged birds that we recommend is Avivita Plus. This general purpose, bird specific multivitamin can be mixed with water to provide pet birds with supplemental Vitamins A, D3, E, C, and more! Avivita Plus fills nutritional gaps in bird diets to support normal feathering and health.

If your bird has feather issues such as feather plucking or balding, consider a bird vitamin and mineral combination such as Featheriffic.  

Avitech and Avix bird vitamins and supplements are veterinarian recommended bird supplies that when used as directed fulfill nutritional gaps in many bird foods.